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Unique Artwork. How to commission me

A guide how to commission an artwork piece from Longline Studio.

My preferred method of communications for commission work is by email. This ensures a written record of all the details and is the best method to share drawings, photo’s and other documents.

First stage is for me to prepare a quotation for your project. For this I will need to see your ideas. Please supply as much information as you can. Drawings, sketches and photographs will be required as will a note of the dimensions of the piece that you require.

If you only have an idea, you can commission me to create the design and specification for you. I will give you a quotation for a design commission which will cover my research, design and drawings.

I will then assess the project and work out a rough plan of action to create it. From this I can obtain the materials and labour costs. Normally you can expect a quotation within a week.

I sometimes outsource to specialist artisans such as Jewellers, Leatherworkers, Metal Founders etc for elements of a project. If your project requires specialist components then I will require a quotation from the artisan first in order to complete my quotation to you. This may increase the normal timescale for getting a quote to you

My quotation will give my estimate of the timescale to create your project. As with most artistic work, time is not of the essence and I only give estimates. Any deadline you have is only a guideline for me and I cannot guarantee that it will be met although I do try and meet it.

If you accept my quotation, I can then draw up a commission agreement. This will form the contract between us and will comprise of a detailed description of the project and the expected finished piece.

At this stage I will require a deposit to be paid that will be a value of 25% (or the total materials cost, whichever is the greater) of the quoted price. This will cover the materials and expenditure involved in setting up your project.

Once your commission is underway, I will give you regular updates on my progress.

Once your commission is finished, I will send you detailed photographs of the completed piece for your approval and acceptance. If you accept the piece as finished then the balance of your quotation will become due. Payment must be made prior to the piece being released from my workshop.

I work on each commission in strict order. I always complete one before I start another. This often means I have a waiting list of several weeks but it ensures that my full attention is given to your project and this ensures best results.